Best Sound Analysis Software to Improve Your Vocal Delivery

Best Sound Analysis Software to Improve Your Vocal Delivery

Best Sound Analysis Software to Improve Your Vocal Delivery


Have you ever cringed on hearing your own voice? Not just you; most of us have. Well, sometimes we might be overly critical of ourselves, but sounds do leave a significant impact on the listener. You can either find voices to be soothing or exasperating. 

But the question is, how do you understand the impact of your voice on the listeners? Here comes the need for sound analysis software, like Voece AI, that helps you detect specific characteristics of how you sound. This software can be your most trusted guide in helping you to improve your vocal delivery.

Let’s learn in-depth about this software from our guide today.

What is a Sound Analysis Software?

Sound has multiple impacts on our body, from physiological and psychological to cognitive and behavioral. It can create an everlasting impression on the listener, whether positive or negative. 

Let us consider the speeches from Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Simon Sinek, and Duncan Stevens; they are all great speakers. What makes them unique, and why do people remember their speeches? It is because of their excellent vocal delivery that adds expression to their words.

Sound analysis software helps you in becoming an excellent public speaker. It lets you analyze your voice and generate reports on multiple vocal characteristics. For example, if you are using Voece, you can check your voice’s volume, pitch, intensity, and speech rate. This technology helps you draw conclusions only from unstructured voice data collected during your interactions over the smartphone or tablet. 

This means the software isn’t interested in the content of your conversation but only the sound you generate. You can gain insights from the analysis and improve your speech delivery.

How Does Sound Analysis Software Work?

If you have a pleasant voice, people love to listen to you. Similarly, a loud voice or shrill pitch can be a big put-off.

However, voice coaches can help to train your voice to achieve the perfect loudness, pitch, and intensity. But, hiring a coach can be expensive, and a cost-effective solution is to get audio frequency analyzer software, like Voece.

We will ask you to read a paragraph aloud whenever you register on our speech analyzer software. It helps us enroll your voice with the software, so every time the app hears you, it automatically starts functioning. 

Now, you can give us permission to run in the background of your mobile phone and listen to your sounds throughout the day. Otherwise, you can use this software whenever you need to analyze your sounds. 

We focus only on sound characteristics like volume, pitch, intensity, and speech rate, not conversation content. On receiving these unstructured data, the software maps a graph of your vocal characteristics against the optimum range. These unbiased reports give you valuable insights into what needs to be corrected for better speech quality.

When Do You Need Sound Analysis Software?

You may need the best audio analysis software, like Voece, at different times, especially if you are into public speaking. Let us look at some of the use cases of such software. 

Preparing for a Presentation

Presentations can be stressful whether you are a student, teacher, business executive, or a public speaker. It is not because you aren’t confident about your knowledge, but engaging the audience throughout the speech isn’t easy. 

However, a quantitative sound analysis the day before your main day can give unbiased feedback on your voice’s performance. This allows you to better your presentation and make an unforgettable impact.

Appearing for an Interview

Interviews can be extremely intimidating and can make most people very nervous. While some people speak too fast or too slow in an interview, others might struggle with high or low volume and pitch issues. 

All of these can have a negative impact as the interviewer may fail to catch up with your answers. Therefore, it’s good to use voice analysis to understand how your voice changes at different times. You can work on those factors and ace your interview. 

Excelling in Customer Service Roles

Dealing with multiple customers at a time is not easy, and you can often get agitated. Moreover, your feelings and emotions get expressed through your voice. 

So, a little agitation might make you sound rude to customers. A clear vocal delivery goes a long way in improving the quality of customer service you provide. But how do you know what your voice is like with different emotions? You can run sound analysis software on the background of your phone. 

The software analyzes your voice variations whenever you speak to someone. This helps you to understand the voice elements at different times and hence helps you excel.

Improving Your Vocal Delivery  in Your Job

A CEO must have an appealing tonal quality because they are leaders. Those who are in leadership roles must be able to be empathetic, inspiring, and confident in how they speak. 

Therefore, if you need to work and improve your voice, try voice analysis solutions. These are great alternatives to personal voice coaches, which can be expensive.

Getting Ready for a Debate at School

Are you applying to join the debate club but unsure about your vocal delivery? Debates require voice modulation to emphasize or impart feelings through your words. 

You may need to change your volume and pitch and be consistent with your speech rate. This helps the judge and your opponent understand what exactly your point of view is. Let us take an example to understand this better.

  1. I didn’t steal the money (It means the speaker isn’t the one who stole the money)
  2. I didn’t steal the money (It means the speaker just borrowed the money and did not steal)
  3. I didn’t steal the money (It means that the speaker has stolen the money but not the specific one mentioned in the sentence)

Make a Pitch for Funding

You may need funding at different levels of business; this requires you to motivate investors. But pitching your business is challenging as you must influence them with your voice. 

You will fail to make an impact if you don’t sound confident, exciting, or trustworthy. Sound analysis software acts like a voice coach to train your voice for the next business pitch. 

Trying to be a Public Speaker 

Anyone who interacts with the public or speaks on the stage is a public speaker. You can be a comedian or political leader, but to be remembered for your speech, you must have an engaging and measured voice. You must also know how to deliver your voice when using a microphone. For these reasons, public speakers can use quantitative sound analysis systems to train their voices. 

Final Thoughts!

No matter if you are a public speaker, a teacher, a business executive, or a student, sound analysis software is for all. It decodes your vocal characteristics, compares them with the optimum ranges, and sends you reports in real-time. You can see this unbiased feedback and improve your vocal delivery. 

Voece is one of the pioneers in introducing such a system to the world where you can improve voice quality for free. You can also upgrade to our paid version for custom analysis of your voice at the most granular level. 

But, one advantage of Voece is that we don’t record and store your conversation but only demonstrate the vocal analytics. We don’t share data with any third-party applications as well.

Download the app today.