Voece AI is your partner in achieving the perfect voice that commands people’s attention and makes them intently listen to you! We understood that only a handful of people can access proper vocal classes. In a world so driven by visual stimulations, we often forget the power of oration. But if you recollect all the greatest people on Earth, whether it is Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, or Mahatma Gandhi, they have all swayed people with their speech.

You now know the power that your voice has. Maximize the potential of your vocal delivery with Voece AI’s custom speech analysis software.

A confident speaker isn’t born; it has to be curated, and how one speaks and presents oneself can help determine one’s professional and personal growth. This has been the seed for this unique, one-of-a-kind, pioneering technology used in Voece.

Mission Statement

Today, Voece AI is available on Android and iOS and has multiple use cases. Through this audio analysis software, the team wants to create a multitude of confident speakers who won’t get tongue-tied on stage, in front of clients, or during important presentations.

Speaking confidently is not just about choosing the right words or having mastery over the topic. But it is also about the right voice modulations, i.e., volume, speech rate, intensity, and pitch.

Our app can be used by anyone from business executives, teachers, students, public speakers, voice-over talents, actors, vocalists, etc. You no longer need to rely on your ears or third-party biased feedback to positively change your vocal delivery. The app constantly monitors your voice pattern and provides live unbiased feedback.

Vision Statement

Voece AI is based out of San Francisco, California. A city that is buzzing with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and vocal delivery patterns. No better place in the world than where such a concept from the founders touches every individual in one way or the other and helps improve their vocal delivery. There are opportunities often lost due to miscommunication, and hence we believe success becomes inevitable if people speak properly.

In the near future, Voece wants to work toward making our speech analysis software even more advanced with its state-of-the-art AI so that it can help people in every possible walk of life.